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The Bible
King James 1769

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3 Concordances

Showing every word in every place that Word appears.

All Words are Numbered, in Alphabetical order.


of the (12,856 Words) in the Whole Bible,


Concordance of the (10,874 Words) in the Old Testament,


Concordance of the (6,064 Words) in the New Testament,

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Easton's Bible Dictionary. Free !!!


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With the Web Site,
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To Search and View The Bible Information.


With The Bible Zip
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The Bible
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And You can Search and Share The Bible, Concordance and Dictionary

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Itís So Simple, Complete and Accurate,
And Easy to Use.







It is my Hope that You Love The Web Site
And that the Price of the Zip File is fair,


And That Everyone, Can have Access to this Easy to use and most informative tool.

And So that this Product remains Free for Everyone to View and Use On The Internet.


For those of you who would like to help me,
Help those people, (Without an Internet Connection),
Have access to this Bible Information who maybe cannot afford it,
Suggested Price Of$50.00 for A Zip File.


And would like to Help cover the Cost of work Yet to be Completed,
And the Work already Completed. (The Web Site)

The Web Hosting Fees, The Cost of The Zip file,

And To Also maintain and expand the Contents of this Web site.


( Any and All Help, Would Be God Sent. )


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My Goal has been to
Help Us,
In Our Seemingly Never Ending Quest,
For Godís Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom.



The Bible Zip

Is an Off-Line Version




I made these Documents for my own personal Bible Study,
They have been Irreplaceable,
Sharing Bible information with friends and family has never been easier.


The Bible,
Has been The Book
That people have turned to in their Quest for Godís Infinite Knowledge,
And Understanding.
The Bible Holds The Answers to The Questions that man has been asking for thousands of years.


My Quest has been to bring order to this most complex collection of books,
As well as the 12,856 words in the King James 1769 Version of the Bible.
And By adding many new features,

That will Help Us In This Seemingly Never Ending Quest.

( Keeping Simplicity, Completeness, and Accuracy in view ),
which will make Reading and or Studying the Bible,
Easier then ever before.



Over the years,
I have put together
A Bible Concordance Reference Study Library.
This Personal Library was formatted to enhance my Bible Study.

But, Because of the enormous request for copies of this work,
It was suggested that this be published, making it available to the everyone.


I am confident that the work that I have compiled and formatted
Will Help Us All
In Our Seemingly Never-Ending Quest
For Godís Infinite Knowledge!




Then You will Love this Convenient, Easy to Use Bible for Offline Viewing!
Itís So Much faster !)
You can take it with you School, Work, or Bible Studies!
No Internet Connection NeededÖ!!!






General Information about
Bible Concordance Reference Study Library


Who is BibleRick?


BibleRick is simply One Guy, Me, Rick Weider.

BibleRick aka Rick



Where did I get the Name, BibleRick?


The name all started because so many of my friends are named Rick,

because I am into the Bible, They referred to me as (Bible Rick).

But I donít want you to think of this Site as Rickís Site though,

The word Rick means, (A rick of wood or a stack of hay.)

The Bible makes a reference to Rick ( bishoprick ) in The Book of Acts;


Acts 1:20††† For it is written in the book of Psalms,

Let his habitation be desolate,

and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.


So I thought, because there are stacks of Bible information here

(Itís kind of like a Rick) Thus BibleRick.



Why did I make this Web Site?


Simply To create a free and simple place to read and Study The Bible on the World Wide Web.

That we can find what we are looking for in the Bible.

Itís that simple. The BibleRick Web Site contains most of my Work,

some Iím still working on (Soon to be Added)


This work is all from My own self made Study Library.

That over the years, I have formatted this work to make it easier for me to study the Bible.


Iím publishing this on the Web to equip us All with the tools to find anything and everything that we are looking for in the King James 1769 Bible.

Thus, A Bible and Concordance Reference Study Library.



Why did I begin this work?


I tried to find an Accurate List of the Words in The King James Bible.
(But, I could not find one).

There are lists of the words out there, But, Is it a Complete and Accurate list? No.


I have used the Strongís Exhaustive Concordance for many years, and itís very Good.

But, I needed something Easier to Read and Study. And For The Computer.


So I Started and Completed,
What I Know to be The Most Accurate and Complete Word List of The King James 1769 Version of The Bible.

Not One Word is Left Out, or Added. 100% Complete and Accurate!!!


It has enhanced the quality of my study time immensely.



Supporting BibleRick

If God has laid it opon your Heart to Help Me Help God, and His Children,

And You would like to support the work God has enabled BibleRick to do,

As well as work that Iíd love to add to This Web Site, and the Bible Zip.


To help cover the cost of work completed.

And of the Web Hosting fees,

To maintain and expand the Contents of this Web Site,

So that this Product remains Free for all to view.

On the World Wide Web.



( Any and All Help would be God sent. )


Anything at all you can do in any way is more than can be Hoped for.


My intention has been to create a Free place to get Accurate Bible information,


That Is Simple, Convenient and Easy to use,
But most of all Complete and Accurate.



If you would like to contribute to this work,



Questions, Comments, Or Suggestions


E-Mail (BibleRick) @ BibleRick@yahoo.com



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